Wednesday, September 28, 2011


If any of you are into makeup and watch makeup gurus on YouTube, you'll have heard about Inglot. They are known for their incredible colour pigmentation and their overall great quality. They also have really good palettes as well that have magnets to hold several palettes together. 

For a long time they didn't have an online store, so I wasn't able to order any of their products from the London store and haven't been able to get down to their store in person yet. However, my mom went down their the other day, saw the store, and bought me some eyeshadow :) I had to tell her what colours I wanted over the phone, so it was sort of a guessing game in that sense, but I'm really happy with what I got. Let me just say, I am definitely pleased with the products and seriously need to get my ass down to the London store to play with makeup! 


I think this may be my favourite kind of palette. It's simple, it's portable (in this size) and it provides easy protection for the eyeshadows. The only thing I can say that is bad about it is that once the shadows are in, they are kind of difficult to get out. I chipped the edge of the yellow one attempting to find out what colours they were (they are numbers, not names, and I failed but will totally find out what colours they are!). 

Packaging without the lid. 

Eyeliner Gel Matte

Gel liner smudged and lined, shadows. 
The shadows are definitely pigmented and swatch beautifully. The liner is very creamy, which I didn't like as much. I prefer the texture of the MAC Fluidline better, but this can work nicely as a base for an eyeshadow. It did take me forever to get the liner off though and it kind of stained my hand a little bit. 

Overall, these are incredible. I love them! I'm so desperate to go to the actual store and get to choose more stuff. They lived up to my expectations and I'm so excited to actually use them, especially that matte brown! 

Go and get some Inglot products!