Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Trick: Toothpaste as Skincare

A couple of years back, I heard/read about people using toothpaste as a solution to getting rid of acne. Initially, I thought this was weird, as I think most of you would too. Because my skin had been in great condition up until moving out of Holland, I never bothered to try the toothpaste trick. However, because of getting used to a different climate for the second time in a year, my skin has gone crazy. I'm about ready to try anything at this point.

So, on Tuesday I decided to finally try it. I just grabbed the toothpaste that I happen to be using right now (make sure it's not a whitening toothpaste as these can irritate the skin) and put a layer of that all over any breakouts on my face after I washed my face that night. I left it on for the whole night since it dries pretty fast and doesn't get on pillows or anything.

The next morning I noticed a big enough difference in my skin to make this a regular acne treatment for my skin. It didn't heal anything entirely or make breakouts disappear, but it definitely helped a lot more than some of the other things I've tried. I've used it on my skin since then every night and my skin is looking a lot better than it has in the past couple of weeks.

Because toothpaste is minty, it does make your skin tingle quite a bit, but it doesn't hurt or burn. If it is burning your skin, you shouldn't leave it overnight as it may be too strong a toothpaste or your skin too sensitive. Also, as with anything you put on your skin, if your skin seems to be reacting badly, stop using it straight away. I would be more careful with the toothpaste since it isn't a product meant for your face (there's no way you'd be able to get money back either if your skin had a bad reaction since it's meant to be used on your teeth, not your face).

Anyways! It's something that I'm going to be using on my skin when I have bad breakouts from now on, so it's definitely something to try out if you've been having bad luck with skincare. Do your research though and test small patches of skin before you put it all over your face! Be careful :)