Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Let's face it; you all know what this is! But just in case you don't, this is the second edition of a much-loved cult favourite, The Urban Decay Naked Palette. I'll be doing a comparison on the two this month, so stay tuned for pictures of both products and my opinion on them. Therefore, this review is going to be kept pretty short, especially because I only just got it and haven't had much chance to play with it! 

I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging on this one, mainly due to how it feels. I do love the colours used as they reflect the colours of the shadows inside it (like the previous edition), but I wish it weren't quite so bulky. It does latch closed nice and tight, so if you were ever worried about your palette opening up in a bag and causing a disaster, then this solves that problem. 

I do love the addition of a much bigger mirror! I don't often take palettes with me anywhere, and if I do I usually take my own mirror, but this is the perfect size if I were to only bring this palette. The mirror is big, and I can see all the detail I need to. 

So, first of all, let me explain why there is a chunk of eyeshadow missing in the 'Bootycall' colour. When I opened the palette, there was a little tiny fuzz on the edge of the packaging; I pulled it gently off...and it turns out it was stuck way inside the eyeshadow. So it pulled some of the product out. Lame, but not a big deal as it's still pretty tiny. Anyways! 

These are the first six colours, all of them from a warmer family of shades. 
 'Foxy' and 'Tease' are both mattes, which makes me happy since sometimes the amount of frost/shimmer in Urban Decay shadows gets on my nerves. 'Half-Baked' was featured in the first edition of the palette, but I'm glad it's still in this one because it's such a pigmented, shimmery gold. It's very pretty and I haven't found a gold colour better than it yet. 

'Snakebite' and 'Chopper' are both very pretty shades of brown, my favourite one being 'Snakebite'. I like that 'Chopper', although it's leaning towards a copper colour, isn't quite orangey. I find that some coppery shadows can look a little strange on the eye, so I'll have to see if this one manages to avoid doing that or not. 

'Bootycall' may be a replacement highlighting colours for me! I love shimmery brow highlights, and this one is nice, pigmented, shimmery, but doesn't stand out as a big white streak (I used this one today). It's nice because, rather than leaning towards white, it's leaning towards skin colour, so it blends into the skin rather nicely. 

The next six colours are very obviously cool-toned in comparison to the previous six. These are also what I'm most excited for about this palette! 

I'm not particularly excited about 'Busted', simply because it's just another shimmery brown in my opinion. The same thing goes for 'YDK'; I love this colour, but it's not very unique. 

My favourites from these six are 'Verve' and 'Pistol'. I think 'Verve' is a beautiful, silvery taupe that seems like it would be so versatile. 'Pistol' is an almost green silver shadow, which reminds me of army related uniforms. I think that's so unique and I'm planning on wearing it tomorrow :) 

Finally, 'Blackout'. I'm not a huge fan of matte blacks because I think they're so hard to use, but I do love this one. I already own another UD palette that comes with this colour in it, so I've had a chance to play around with it before. It's so black! It's very strong, but if you take the time, it's blendable and can be made to fade out slightly, or be more sheer. 

Overall, I think this palette is beautiful. I loved the first one and I use it all the time, but always felt like the colours were too warm-toned for me. I'm so excited to be using this new edition with all of the cooler-toned colours it features. 

I don't think that, if you're just looking for some nice colours to wear and aren't necessarily too fanatic about make-up, that you would need both of these palettes, but if you did get them both I don't think it's a waste. I actually think you get a far more complete neutral colour collection by having them both. However, if you're looking for more matte or satin finishes, maybe rethink buying this; all of these (okay, minus three) are super frosty. 

Available at Sephora for $50.