Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos

Maybelline Color Tattoos in 'Tough as Taupe' and 'Pomegranate Punk'
'Tough as Taupe', Smith's, approx. $6
'Tough as Taupe' 
I actually really like these! I own two MAC Paint Pots (which cost a fortune) and I love them, but these are absolutely replacing those. The basic concept of both the Paint Pots and Color Tattoos is: cream eyeshadow that last a very, very long time, doesn't crease, and is super pigmented.

With Paint Pots, I think they live up to everything except the creasing; I've found that, if I wear the colour alone, after a few hours it will crease. Not a whole lot, but it does crease. This doesn't happen if I use them under an eyeshadow, however. This does depend on the shape of your eye though, and whether you have a very deep crease or not, etc.

With these, although I haven't worn it completely on it's own yet, I have used it as a crease colour, and so far (I've been using it every day since I got it...just sayin') it hasn't creased on me. This particular colour is more of a satin finish and doesn't have sparkle in it; it does come off a little darker than it looks though, but I like it.

'Pomegranate Punk', Smith's, approx. $6
 I really like the colour of this one! It doesn't come off quite as deep a red on your skin as it looks in the container, but if you layer it over one or two times then you can easily get there. This one, in comparison to the previous colour, is very sparkly. They aren't big chunks of glitter though, so they don't fall out (which they shouldn't in the first place because it's a cream shadow) and they doesn't feel gritty on your eyelids (again, your lids shouldn't feel gritty when wearing sparkly/glittery shadows).

'Pomegranate Punk' (out of focus, so you can see the sparkle)

'Pomegranate Punk' 
Packaging: The packaging on both of these is great. The lid of the product has the name on it, so it's easy to tell what the colour is if you've got them stored with the lid up. Otherwise, the colour is very visible through the glass container, so if you have them store with that side up, you'll have no problem seeing them. The lids also seem to screw on much better and tighter than on MAC Paint Pots, which I know people have mentioned before (the MAC lids have caused their Paint Pots to dry out). So, overall good packaging too.

Conclusion: I'm in love with these! They are absolutely something I recommend, especially if you've wanted to try out Paint Pots but haven't because of the price. These are cheap, good quality, and come in a pretty decent amount of colours too. I've been using mine a lot!