Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Herbal Essences Anti-Frizz Creme

"Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Anti-Frizz Creme; Long-lasting smooth look. My formula is infused with special micro smoothers than work with your hair to help lock out humidity and keep your hair looking and feeling smooth. 

Use Me: Pump me out and apply to wet or dry hair. Touch me as much as you please, I'm not sticky." 

A couple of weeks ago, I was searching for a good leave-in conditioner. My hair has been quite a problem lately and I've been out of luck with all of the products I've used so far. Now, this isn't a leave-in conditioner, but "anti-frizz" anything is close enough for me. I usually wouldn't buy anything but a shampoo or conditioner from Herbal Essences because I prefer other brands for this kind of thing, but this was all I could find.

Packaging: There's not much to say about the packaging except that it works. It comes with a pump that is shaped so that the product falls perfectly onto my fingertips when I use it. It's also very easy to press down, and stays stable on the countertop if you're pressing down on it (rather than other products where they slip all over).

Product: This has a really smooth, soft texture to it, and isn't too thick. It claims to not be sticky, which in the sense of a gel, it isn't; gels are much more 'gluey' whereas this feels sort of similar to a lotion. However, I've found that it can leave a sticky residue on my hands, which I don't like, and if you're like me and play with your hair all day, that sticky feeling can transfer onto your fingers from your hair too. The smell is nice, as all Herbal Essences stuff is, and is sort of perfumey. It's very floral and girly.

I use this every morning on my hair while it's still damp. One pump on the ends of my hair, then one more for the rest of it (note: I don't combine the two pumps).

Conclusion: This is a decent anti-frizz creme, but not great. I've noticed less fly-aways in my air, but there's still a fair amount of frizz. Although I have yet to find something that completely takes away the frizz in my hair, I've used products that manage better than this does. I doubt I'll repurchase it, simply because I know I can find something better.

Available from any drugstore for under $10.