Wednesday, December 28, 2011

BH Cosmetics 120 Colors Palette: 3rd Edition

I purchased the 3rd edition of the 120ColorsPalette fro, BH Cosmetics during December when they were having a bunch of their sales. This is one of the reasons I like BH Cosmetics so much; they have some of the best discount sales I've ever seen! It's worth signing up for emails from them just because of the amount of discounts they do, most of which only last for either one week or 24 hours. Of course, it also helps that the quality of these eyeshadows is pretty damn impressive too. 

I already own the 2nd edition of the 120 palettes, which has far more vibrant, colourful shadows. This one I decided would be a good investment because the colorful shadows they have are more pastel than vibrant, so are different from the colours I already own. 

Top Tray
The bottom tray of this palette comes with far more earthy, neutral shadows. I really loved this because of all the green and blue shades they had, none of which I have real dupes of. Any blue that I have tends to be far more bright and harder to use for the everyday looks I tend to go for. 

Bottom Tray

As usual, all of these shadows are a mix of shimmers, glitters, mattes, and satin finishes. From what I can see, this edition has a less glittery shadows than the 2nd edition, but I haven't looked closely to compare them yet. All I know is that any matte/satin shadow I've used from this edition has been beautifully pigmented, which can be so hard to find. 

I've been using this bottom tray since I got the palette and have been loving it. It honestly works so well for the type of daily looks I like to wear, and I can't help reaching for it everyday. I recommend any of the 120ColorsPalettes to anyone looking for a good beginners palette, but especially this one because of all the neutrals it has. This kind of palette is a great option because it has so many non-brown, but still natural, colours.

You can get it here: 

It isn't on as great of sale as when I bought it, but it's currently 10% off of the original, already really cheap price, of about $35. Now, I believe they do ship internationally, but I've found that the best way to order any American product to somewhere in Europe (for example) is to find a contact in America, ship it to their house, and then have them send it to you from their house. This way you often avoid customs and having to pay taxes on it. And no, that's not illegal, haha! 

If I know you personally and you'd like to have this palette (or anything other american product), send me an email and I'll see if I can help :) 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kat von D 'True Romance' Eyeshadow Palette

SEPHORA! Yes, I went yesterday finally. It's one of the things I've been waiting to do since I got to the US. Pretty pathetic. Anyways, I finally went and got a present for a family member, some skincare, and the Kat Von D 'True Romance' palette. There were some by the check out, as well as by the actual Kat Von D section. I don't have a ton of money to spend this Christmas, but I saw this and because it wasn't too expensive ($20) I figured I could get it as a little present for me. 


Without Flash
With Flash
Without Flash
With Flash
Without Flash
With Flash
Without Flash
With Flash
These shadows are all very shimmery/frosty, but don't have a lot of fallout which is really nice. You don't have to put a lot of to make the darker colours pigmented, but the two lighter colours go on kind of sheer. Luckily though, they're easy to pack on to make bolder, or blend out to make more sheer. I think they're worth the money, especially because I don't own a colour like 'Rad Purple'. 

The packaging is perfect for me. It's perfect to take in a purse (which is something I'm always looking for) and with the four colours you could easily make an everyday look or a night-time look. Overall, with the small size of the packaging, the quality of the shadows, and the price, I definitely recommend this. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Inglot Shadows

So finally I'm updating my blog again! I've got some time now to do it and I'm taking advantage of that. Let me being by saying that having a good internet connection makes a huge difference! Rather than 30 minutes, it took me about 5 to upload all the photos for this post. Needless to say, that saves me a hell of a lot of time and makes it far more pleasant to post! 

These are the five Inglot shadows I got when I went to the London store. I've been using the light brown non-stop for almost every single look that I've done! They are incredible! Although I have no photos of the colours swatched, they don't need anything. These colours (minus the brown) look exactly like they do in the palette as they do on my skin! 

I got a 5-shadow Freedom System palette. I had originally wanted more, but I was more than happy with these colours! One day, if I get the chance to shop there again, I'll buy some more :) 

Pearl 414
(More accurate photo of the colour in the picture just before this one). This colour is a dark, shimmery, mossy green. It can be blended out to give a beautiful, pearly sheer colour, or packed on to look more pigmented. 

Matte 387
This is the only matte grey of this colour that I own. It's a deeper, more visible grey than others I've seen and looks best when packed onto the lids. I like to use it as a crease colour with lighter greys or silvers. 

Pearl 447
This colour isn't so much pearly as it is frosty. It's a very pretty, light silver and is a nice change from other silvers I own that are flaky and thick with glitter/frost. 

Matte 390
Now, this colour is the one I've been using the most out of all my shadows lately (if I do a favourites post, I'm sure it will make an appearance!). It's the only shadow out of the Inglot ones that I own that doesn't actually show very well on my skin. However, that's in no way the shadows fault; this colour is far more similar to my skin colour than I thought it would be, so when I use it, it tends to blend into my skin and not show up too much. I love this about though, as I prefer to wear more natural colours shadows for everyday looks (a darker crease colour and very sheer lid). So this is perfect when paired with another matte, darker brown. It's also great to blend out the edges of other looks to take away harsh lines. 

Matte 367
This baby blue has the chalkiest texture of all five shadows. It doesn't come off super blue, instead showing up as more of an icy white. However, I bought a matte gel liner in the same colour specifically to use with this shadow as a base. This will make the colour pop. I've been waiting for a good opportunity to wear it! 

These shadows stay true to the Inglot quality that people are so crazy about. I've been loving using them :) 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Naked Palette 2! (XSparkage)

I was completely unaware Urban Decay were going to release a new edition of the Naked palette. This makes me want it so bad, but I can't justify buying it :( 

Check out XSparkages post comparing the two palettes and showing swatches!