Friday, March 30, 2012

Important Update

Hey everyone!

My blog has been so inactive lately! I'm very sorry for this and I try to come up with interesting posts for you guys as often as I can. However, I haven't had a lot of time lately because of the end of semester work that my classes have given me. Alongside the work, I haven't had enough money to put into buying new products for reviews on my blog.

At least until the end of the semester, I'm going to be on a bit of a hiatus (we'll see how that goes; every time I say that I magically come up with a billion posts to write!).

HOWEVER. I have some exciting news! Part of the reason why I haven't done well at recording and posting videos for my followers is because I've been living in my aunt and uncle's house since I got here. It's been a temporary situation and I haven't had good filming areas or equipment. But I'll be moving into a house with my brother at the beginning of April if all goes well! This means that I can finally unpack everything (all my stuff from England will be arriving soon too!) and get a little office set up, as well as a makeup area! So I can start to take my blogging more seriously.

Also keep in mind that I run several other blogs, so I'm trying to keep up with a lot of things all at once! The main other blog that I'm trying to keep up with is my film blog (I'm a film student) and that requires a hell of a lot of work.

Bare with me! By the middle or end of April I'm hoping so have a tutorial-filming area put together and my iMac to edit on instead of my laptop. I promise to have more regular posts then :)