Thursday, September 22, 2011

Battle of the Tints

Photo by Me
I've been using Origins VitaZing (a tinted moisturiser) for quite awhile now, but am starting to get to the end of my tube. Because it's such an expensive product (over £20!), I don't really want to re-purcahse, especially because when I bought mine, I only paid £5. It well worth paying the whole price, but I'd like to try something cheaper before I fully commit to making this a beauty essential. 

So! The battle begins! Today I'm wearing MACs Studio Moisture Tint (Shade: light) in an attempt to see if I like it better than VitaZing. For those of you who haven't used this before, it's not a replacement for moisturiser at all. It's basically a very sheer coverage foundation that is slightly more moisturising than normal, thicker foundation would be. 

I already owned this and have used this before, but wouldn't know if I'd like to wear it on a daily basis. I do really like the finish of it and it feels really smooth. VitaZing has a super soft finish as well, but you feel the texture of your skin underneath more than the MAC product. 

MAC Studio Moisture Tint

Center: Product. Right: Blended in.
(When I say "right", I mean to the right of the blob of product. Haha!)

Today I bought two new tinted moisturisers/tinted products. The first product was the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector: Daily All-In-One B.B. Cream. It's supposed to perfect, hydrate, and protect your skin. I haven't tried this on my face yet, but I have swatched it on my hand. 

Miracle Skin Perfector: B.B. Cream in 'Light'

Center: Product. Right: Blended in. 
The texture of the product is really soft, but it's also thick. I think I was expecting it to be thinner and more of a cream rather than a foundation. 

The next product I got was the Nivea visage Daily Essentials: Tinted Moisturising Day Cream. I also have only swatched this on my hand, but it's definitely a lot more of a moisturiser than a foundation. 
Nivea: Tinted Moisturising Day Cream
Center: Product. Right: Blended in.
They only had one shade of this product: natural. I think I would be better off using a lighter shade. This may blend in or it may not, but it's slightly darker than the other products I own. We shall see!

If you follow me on tumblr, you'll know that I love the Origins VitaZing. Like I mentioned before, I just wish that it didn't cost so much! 
Between the VitaZing and MAC products, I still prefer VitaZing. It's nicer to apply because of it's texture, whereas the MAC tint I have to blend into the skin quickly or it will set on my face all streaky. 

Final reviews on the other two products will be posted once I've had a chance to actually use them on my face :)