Sunday, September 4, 2011

New :)

Hi :) 
I'm a beauty blogger from tumblr and recently decided that I wanted to change over to blogspot. I love tumblr, but I'll be giving this a try instead. The layout of things here is more convenient for my blog. 

A little bit about how and when I started getting interested in makeup: 
The first makeup video I ever saw was done by the singer/songwriter Skye Sweetnam. I was just about sixteen. After that, I realised that doing awesome makeup didn't require going to a beauty counter and having a professional do it for you; with enough practice, you could do it yourself at home. I immediately became more interested in makeup and started investing in MAC eyeshadows and lipstick. 

Just before I moved to England (I was eighteen) I discovered the makeup company Sugarpill through Skye Sweetnam. From there, they had links to tutorials on YouTube that used their products. That's where I found Leesha, the brains behind the blog She is still my top favourite makeup guru today and I highly recommend her to anyone with even a remote interest in beauty. 

Once in England, I discovered a handful of other beauty gurus and soon became completely addicted. My collection grew and I started my beauty tumblr on May 7th, 2011. Since then, I've been posting small haul posts, with the occasional makeup look. Only in the past couple of months (it's now September 4th, 2011) did I really start to put more effort into my looks. I'm practicing more and using brighter and crazier colours. I have yet to wear a super crazy look outside the house, but I'm getting there slowly. 

I have a beautylish account where I've posted a video doing the 'Five Minute Makeup Challenge', which is the only video I've done so far. I may start doing more videos as I get more experienced, but because lighting and camera quality are so important, I'm waiting until I have the money, etc. to set up a good filming area. 

For the moment, I plan on continuing my beauty blog, with the aim of moving over to making videos with more experience. Hopefully you guys enjoy my stuff :)