Tuesday, October 18, 2011

September Favourites

September Favourites 2011

I know, I know, I'm extremely late on this post! But I don't remember doing an August favourites so I really didn't want to miss this one. I've been very busy the past couple of weeks and haven't been able to blog hardly at all. I'm back now though and should have some posts coming out regularly! 

On to the favourites! (From left to right):

Benefit Face Powder in 'Dallas': 
'For a natural, fresh glow lightly sweep this dusty sunset plum powder across cheekbones and chin, or anywhere you want look to linger (avoid eye areas).' 

I originally bought this to use as a contour colour and have been loving it for quite some time. Only recently did I start to use it as a blush when I wear darker looks on my eyes. I don't own very many blushes (including this one, I have three!) and the ones I have besides this are very light pinks. This one has a deeper, really nice plum colours which suits the brown colours I've been wearing for eyeshadow lately. 

This has a great, light shimmer and lasts pretty much all day (in my opinion, not many blushes last allllllll day). It's also very subtle, which is the main reason I love it! 

MAC Paint Pot in 'Constructivist': 
I am absolutely in love with this product! I use it with practically every look I've worn all September and all October (so far). It works great as a base for other shadows, but can be used on it's own just as well. If I'm using it as a base colour, I'll usually apply it with my fingers and spread the colour on in a thin layer. If I'm using it for an actual shadow then I'll apply it using a fluffy brush. 

This is my first cream shadow ever and I can't wait to get another paint pot! These are great! It doesn't crease at all, lasts all day, and I'm pretty convinced that if I went swimming with it then it would last really well (unless I wiped it with a towel, duh). 

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector (B.B. Cream): 
I wrote a tiny little review on this in a previous post (http://ziggybitter.blogspot.com/2011/09/battle-of-tints.html) in which I talked briefly about the texture of the product. Now that I've had more of an opportunity to actually use the product, I can say that I really like it! 

I still prefer my Origins VitaZing moisturiser, but this is a good replacement for it. VitaZing here is around £20 something. It's a little pricey. When I get more cash on my Debenhams Beauty card (which means I have to buy other stuff...grrr) then I can purchase the VitaZing for a lot less. But in the meantime, this is great replacement. 

The only downside is that it's not nearly as moisturising as VitaZing is. However, as long as you make sure to use a good night-time moisturiser, you should be fine :) 

Armani Code Perfume: 
I love this perfume! I've been wanting it for over two years! No kidding! One of my best friends used to wear it all the time and although I really loved it, I didn't want to smell the same as someone I spent so much time with! Plus, it's more expensive than the rest of the perfumes I own...put together. My perfumes are cheap! I finally bought it when I was at the Belfast Airport since it was so much cheaper and...come on...I've been wanting it for two years! 

Here's a good description of the scents if you're interested. I'm horrible at scent descriptions! To me it smells citrus-sweet? Haha! 

EcoTools Travel Powder Brush: 
This came in a set of other travel-sized brushes (I love them all!) and I'm amazed at the quality! It was under £20 for all of the brushes (I believe there were six) and they are nothing like I thought they would be. This brush is super soft and applies powders like a dream. They have full sizes and I may just have to purchase those at some point too! 

That's all! I forgot to take a photo of the Urban Decay 15th Anniversay palette, but because I reviewed that already (http://ziggybitter.blogspot.com/2011/09/urban-decay-15-year-anniversary.html) I'll just say that it definitely has earned a spot in my September favourites! 
Phew! Super long post! Hopefully it gives you all the information you could want. Next time I think I'll just do a quick video instead of all the typing :P