Monday, October 31, 2011

October Favourites

Yes! I'm ahead this time with my favourites post! Or at least, not nearly as behind as I was with my September post! I won't go into as much detail with the products as I did last time (I said I would do a video, but I'm far too self conscious for that haha) so it should be much shorter.

BH Cosmetics 120 Palette 2nd Edition: 
I've had this for quite some time, but have only really used it this past month. Though I've used it before for one shadow in the palette, I haven't seriously based my looks off of the colours that are in it. This month however, I have, and I'm definitely pleased! This is a great palette and the quality it good, especially considering how cheap it is!

Prevage Anti-Aging Eye Serum by Elizabeth Arden: 
I've never used an eye cream/serum before, but I figure now's as good a time as any to start using anti-aging products, if only to get into the habit of using them. I can't say I would buy this product (this was a sample) because I know I can get just as good creams for cheaper, but it has been fun to use. My eyes are really soft as a result :)

Inglot Shadows (White & Brown): 
I still haven't found out how to get these shadows safely out of the palette! Help! I've been using the white shimmery shadow as a highlight colour for every look I've done since I bought it! It's perfect for the job and helps fade out colour really well also. The brown I've been using in my more neutral looks as a crease colour and I feel like I would be lost without it :) I can't wait to get more Inglot shadows when my mom and I go before I move!

Clinique Clarifying Lotion for Combination Oily Skin: 
I don't usually like toners that have high alcohol content in them because they dry me out and make my nose peel. Both this and previous toners I've used from Clinique are really good for my skin as long as I avoid the nose. If I do use it on my nose, I do it at night and use a very intense moisturiser afterwards to make sure my skin won't peel.

MAC Brow Crayon in 'Lingering': 
I don't tend to fill in my brows, but I've been trying to match the shapes of mine for quite some time. My left brow has a little gap between the hairs where nothing will grow. I'm using this pencil to fill that gap in to see if leaving the area for longer will eventually give hair time to grow. I just don't feel like walking around with a bald patch on my eyebrow! :)

China Glaze Nail Polish in 'Haunting': 
I am in love with this colour! I can't explain why, since all it is is black with light silver sparkles, but somehow I really like the way it looks on my nails. I'm waiting on some more of the China Glaze Haunting collection to arrive at my house and in the meantime, this is all I've  been wearing :)

Those were my favourites this month! Hope you enjoyed :)