Sunday, January 22, 2012

Upcoming Plans

Right. So, because I've been busy lately and have been mostly neglecting my blogs (yes, plural, I have many), I decided to give the few of you who follow me a small glimpse into the posts that I have planned. There are only a couple, but at least then you'll have an idea what to look out for.

I have a very small review on the Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter that I got recently, which will be up this afternoon (at least that's the plan).

That lipstick will also be featured in a video that I filmed today going over the things I recently bought from Ulta. I'm editing this video today, but it most likely won't be up until Tuesday (I have school tomorrow and need my laptop; if I try and upload it tomorrow, I'll never be able to do my work haha). With that video will be a post containing the swatches and photos of the products I filmed. This will go up on Wednesday.

I'm also going to try out a small series featuring my face and/or the makeup I used for my makeup that day. Whether this is going to be one of the those "Today's Face" or "Face of the Day" things, I don't know. We'll see how it goes, but generally I'm not very good as posting consistenly. However, I will try to do this as best as I can.

Finally, the last thing I'm going to try, is a weekly post that I can do on something non-beauty related. This is either going to be something on books (it's only fair since I read them all the time), or on a TV show or movie. Again, I will not guarantee that this will be perfectly consistent, but we'll see how it goes.

This will all start this coming week (Monday 23rd to Friday 27th). Hopefully this will mean you'll get a video every Tuesday, the accompanying post every Wednesday, a review or haul  on Thursday (for the occasions that I actually buy stuff), and then a little snippet or a book or movie on Friday's or the weekends.

If you have any recommendations, please, please tell me them. I'd love your opinions!