Monday, January 23, 2012

Review: Revlon Colour Burst Lip Butter

Yes, I think all beauty lovers know by now what this is! This is the newest (as far as I'm aware) lip product that Revlon has come out with. Now, usually I avoid buying Revlon products. I'm not sure why, but in the past I've never been attracted to their packaging, which may be the reason why I'm not familiar with their products. However, the packaging for this is a 10 out of 10 for me. I hate having lipsticks that are all the same colour on the outside, like the MAC Cosmetics lipsticks. It means you have to search and open them up to see what colour they are. 

With these Lip Butters, the lid is the same colour (or as close as it can get) as the product itself. So when you look at them, you know without having to open them up what colour it is. If you had several of these, then it would make grabbing the right colour very simple. 

The lid also closes onto the product quite strongly; if you carry this around in your purse, it's not going to open up very easier. However, after a couple of times opening this, I felt like it wasn't closing as well as before. So possibly, after enough use, the "closing strength" may not be as good as it was to begin with. Personally, I've never had a lipstick lose it's lid before, so this isn't a big problem for me. But to some of you, it may be :) 

The colour I bought is called 'Raspberry Pie'. It's a beautiful bright pink that reminds me more of a fuchsia pink. It's a colour that I am not accustomed to wearing (which is why I bought it) so I'm still experimenting on what colour eyeshadows go best with it. 

The only thing I don't like about this colour, is that it's very bright. When I apply it, I use it straight from the tube, but don't take the colour all the way to the edges of my lips because it would be very noticeable if I messed up. That's also the fault of the shape of the lipstick itself, but you can't win everything! 

To fix this problem, I fill in the edges of my lips with an angled brush. That way I'm able to apply it more precisely and it looks better, and it doesn't go over the edge of my lips. 

This lip butter is definitely more moisturizing than other lip products I've tried, which is so nice to have in the winter because my skin always gets so dry (especially in this climate!). I've found that it also last a super long time; I was wearing this all day and it didn't come off! Plus, I drank out of a big straw and the product didn't come off. The only thing it did lose was the pretty glossy shine that it had when I put it on. It's a very pretty shine, but it doesn't last all day like the colour itself does. But who cares! If you want to keep the glossiness, either reapply some more or put some clear gloss on over it! 

I'm very, very happy with this purchase. I went and bought another one (you'll see it in the video I'm posting this week) and I love them both! They are so affordable, long-lasting, and come in a lot of different colours. I'll be slowly adding more of them to my collection!