Sunday, November 13, 2011

Inglot & MAC Haul

So, I finally got to shop at Inglot, which if you've followed me for awhile, then you know I've really been wanting to go there. I was so impressed with the shadows I got from my mom when  she had gone (especially the matte shadow!) that I knew I had to buy some more from them.

Normally I wouldn't make a special trip all the way to London because the train ticket is so ridiculously expensive, but I had to go down to the Spanish Consulate in London anyways. Therefore, it made sense for my mom and I to combine the two things.

Going into the store was really fun. There were so many shades of lipstick! I've never seen so many colours of lipstick before. But I was there for the eyeshadow. It was fun to walk around and be able to make my own palette, swatch all the different colours, etc. I would have loved to have had enough money to buy the giant matte shadow palette! So pretty.

I wasn't too impressed with the help though, partially because there were just two girls working, but partially because the girl who did help me spoke very quietly and had a difficult accent to understand. The combination of the two made it hard for her to help me out, but that's entirely my own fault :P I wish they would have had more people working to truly be able to help everyone in there. The girl who helped me was multi-tasking and I felt pretty bad for her.

After I spent all the time I needed to at Inglot, I went to the MAC store they had there and bought a couple things from the Glitter and Ice collection that I had been eyeing. I'm extremely tempted to go back and buy some more stuff! I usually don't get too impressed with MAC collections, but something about this one caught my eye.

I'll have a video of these products (along with one or two others) as well as accompanying blog posts up within then next few days. I can't promise they'll all be up since I'm in the process of packing my stuff to move, but I'll do my best!