Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Right, so my blog has been a little neglected this month. I've been extremely busy with packing all my stuff up for my move to the US. I'm living in England now, so this is a pretty big move for me (not that I haven't done it before in my life). I thought I would have more time to edit and post the videos that I had filmed, but I ended up being much busier than I thought I would be. 

Once I get to the US, I'll have a faster internet connection, so posting will be a lot easier for me than it was here. I just so happen to live in the neighbourhood that is notorious for having the worst internet connection in practically the entire UK. But my family in the US have a much better connection, so hopefully that will encourage me to post more! 

I doubt that I will ever get to editing the videos I had filmed on my hauls anytime soon. If I do they will be pretty late, so I apologise ahead of time for that. I'll also apologise for not getting a November favourites up (possibly at all) again due to moving. If I get it up, I would expect it around the 10th of December or later. 

Hopefully y'all will stick with me and my blog. I promise to have more tutorials up once I'm set in my new home, as well as a more regular posting schedule. So be patient! I'll have more posts up soon!