Saturday, November 5, 2011

China Glaze 'It's Alive' Pictures

China Glaze 'It's Alive' 

China Glaze 'It's Alive' 
I love 'It's Alive'! It's such a perfect colour for Halloween and reminds me exactly of a lizard/monster. It's hell to get off of course, because it's super chunky pieces of glitter. The glitter is a dirty, green-yellow, on a black base. So cool!

China Glaze 'Ghoulish Glow' 
The 'Ghoulish Glow' polish is awesome. It's very noticeably glow-in-the-dark when you see t in the bottle. So far, I've only tried it on top of China Glaze's 'Haunting', which is a black polish. On a dark colour like that, the glow didn't show up almost at all. I'm guessing it would show up far better on a lighter surface, which I will be trying next!

Keep an eye out for the comparison between OPI Black Shatter and China Glaze's Black Mesh!